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Postural Drainage: Side

You can lie in different positions to help clear your lungs. To help drain mucus from the sides of your lungs, lie on one side. Place two or three pillows under your hips. Use a small pillow under your head if it helps you feel more comfortable. Rest your arms where they are comfortable. Make sure your chest is lower than your hips. Take slow, deep breaths. Do this on both sides. Your doctor will tell you how long to lie on each side.

Current as of: July 6, 2021

Author: Healthwise Staff
Medical Review:
E. Gregory Thompson MD - Internal Medicine
Adam Husney MD - Family Medicine
Hasmeena Kathuria MD - Pulmonology, Critical Care Medicine, Sleep Medicine
Lesley Ryan MD - Family Medicine
Tangi Williams RRT - Registered Respiratory Therapist

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