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Recognizing and Developing Your Children's Special Talents


To build healthy self-esteem, all children need to feel that they can do at least one thing very well. Many times, though, a child's special talent is overlooked because it's not an area that is recognized at school or elsewhere.

Parents can discover their children's special talents by providing varied experiences and opportunities. Then they can help their children by working with them at home. Here are some of the steps you can take:

  • Let children know that you expect them to try their best.

    Let them know that success is possible and that they will benefit from trying their best in school and other activities.

  • Engage your children.
    • Talk to them and spend time together.
    • Encourage conversation in any way you can:
      • Talk about current events.
      • Ask your child what was the best part and the hardest part of the day.
      • Or focus on an important topic to your child, such as what he or she did in art class that day.
    • Read together or do other activities together.
  • Pay attention to what your children like to do.

    Help them develop those skills or find out where they can learn more.

  • Take your children to places where they can learn.

    Schedule trips to museums, the library, or bookstores, especially when children's events are planned.

  • Encourage community service.

    Encourage service with an organization or cause that is meaningful for your children. This may allow your children to develop a deeper understanding or mastery of their interests and learn about responsibility and commitments.

  • Enlist a mentor.

    Welcome help from someone in your family or community who can help your children develop their talents and serve as a role model.

  • Help your child with homework.

    Work with teachers and school counselors to gain a better understanding of your child's learning style, strengths, and weaknesses.


Current as of: February 28, 2023

Author: Healthwise Staff
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