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WellSpan Philhaven Bachelor’s and Master’s Internships

Please note:

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we are only able to offer internships to students from colleges and universities with which we have an existing Affiliation Agreement. Before proceeding with your application, please check with your department advisor to confirm that an Affiliation Agreement with WellSpan is already in force.


Thank you for your interest in WellSpan Philhaven’s Bachelor’s Degree Internship and Master’s Degree Internship programs.

Philhaven offers a wide range of internship opportunities to students attending colleges and universities throughout central Pennsylvania.


Many interns are able to complete their requirements at a satellite facility in Lebanon, Lancaster, or York county, depending on the type opportunity sought.

Our internships range from a vocational/technical level to professional degree levels, including internships in Information Technology, Medical Coding, Medical Billing, Health Information Management and Behavioral Health.

At any given time, WellSpan Philhaven has between 30-35 interns engaged with us in learning. Each intern is assigned an experienced supervisor to assist in coaching and mentoring. Interns whose program requires more than 100 hours are provided a general orientation and specific training in crisis intervention. Our interns receive real-world exposure to the work environment at WellSpan Philhaven. We are proud that feedback from our interns includes that they found their internship experience to be extraordinarily beneficial.

WellSpan Philhaven interns are strongly encouraged to apply for open positions within the organization after completing their degree programs. We are frequently able to hire individuals who have completed an internship with us.

If you are interested in being considered for an internship, please complete an online application.

Bachelors Application Masters Application

Application Process

Before submitting your application, please verify with your internship/practicum supervisor that the internship(s) you are applying for meet the requirements of your educational institution.

We suggest viewing the internships available online with your advisor (or print out the information) to verify:

  • The population served meets clinical expectations
  • The supervision provided is adequate
  • The responsibilities of the internship will help develop your skills
  • Times and location for the internship fit your schedule

Only after you have verified those issues should you apply for an internship.

Ensure Successful Submission

To make certain that your application is submitted successfully:

  • Submit information in one session within in a two-hour time frame
  • Provide information for all spaces marked with an asterish (*)
  • After clicking the Submit button, wait for a confirmation statement before closing your browser

If you are not successful in submitting your application, please check these factors and also verify that your Internet connection did not drop during your session.


Interviews for internship placements will be scheduled two to three months before each semester. If your school requires an earlier verification of an internship placement, please contact Philhaven's Internships Contact.

Internships Contact

Jennifer Lyristis, LCSW
Manager of Professional & Program Development
(717) 270-2484