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Coordinating Council

Vision:  Coordinating Council will be the lead council in supporting autonomous nursing practice through shared leadership. 

Mission: Coordinating Council will cast the shared vision for professional nursing at York Hospital. We will actualize this vision by integrating the activities of the hospital, service line and unit shared decision making councils.

2009 Coordinating Council

Patricia Pollack, RN, BAPatricia Pollack, RN, BA 2009 Coordinating Council

2008 Coordinating Council

Kelly GipsonKelly Gipson 2008 Coordinating Council

Kelly Gipson, RN, BSN has been a member of the York Hospital Shared Decision Making councils since the inception in 2003 and served as chair of Practice Council prior to Coordinating Council. Kelly is a 1998 graduate of York College, and has worked at York Hospital since graduation. Kelly's clinical experience includes 6 Main, PACU and MSICU. In January 2008, Kelly was promoted to be the associate patient safety officer at York Hospital and continues in that role. Kelly has been the treasurer for Eta Eta chapter of Sigma Theta Tau since 2005 and has participated in graduate classes at York College.

Coordinating Council Accomplishments 2008-2009

  • Provided oversight in the design and implementation of new care delivery model, Relationship Based Care
  • Facilitated and streamlined the flow of ideas and issues through the hospital wide councils
  • Incorporated the WellSpan Blue Book objectives and the Nursing Strategic Plan into the nursing Shared Decision Making Councils' agendasCoordinating Council chair began literature review of cultural diversity
  • Assisted the service line chairs in goal development and review of accomplishments;
  • Ensured inclusion of the shared decision making process with the service line chairs
  • Served as a resource for council chairs; provided leadership and guidance to facing difficult situations and complex issues
  • Served as shared decision making resources and educators to nursing throughout the hospital; Continued to facilitate discussions at new nurse orientation, nursing grand rounds, JDS, etc.
  • Served as a resource to outside nursing organizations requesting assistance (Adventist Rehab Hospital and Franklin Square Hospital Center in Maryland)
  • Re-evaluated components of the shared decision making structure as it exists
  • Developed a nursing web portal site:

2007 Coordinating Council

Beth Ann Allison

Beth Ann Allison

2007 Coordinating Council

Beth Ann Allison is completing her second year as chair of the York Hospital Coordinating Council. Beth Ann is the first clinical staff nurse to chair this executive shared decision-making council. She is a 25-year veteran of York Hospital and previously served as the chair and chair elect of the Practice Council. Beth Ann received her bachelor's degree from York College and has worked in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit since 1985. She has held the position of director at large for the National Association of Neonatal Intensive Care Nurses and has held various leadership positions at the local chapter of neonatal nurses. Since becoming chair of Coordinating Council, Beth Ann teaches Shared Decision Making to all new RNs at New Nursing Orientation, and team teaches SDM with Valerie Hardy-Sprenkle, York Hospital's vice president of patient care, to the senior nursing students at York College.

2007 Coordinating Council Accomplishments

  • Facilitated and provided direction and oversight to the design and implementation of the redesigned care delivery model titled "Relationship Based Care."
  • Facilitated and streamlined the flow of ideas and issues through all the hospital wide councils.
  • Incorporated the WellSpan Blue Book objectives for nursing related to Care Delivery Model and Magnet into the strategic plan for York Hospital Nursing Shared Decision Making Councils.
  • Updated the Shared Decision Making handbook and aligned the Forces of Magnetism to the appropriate councils.
  • Provided an educational presentation to the York Hospital Leadership Team for accessing the appropriate Shared Decision Council.
  • Provided leadership and guidance to council chairs and members facing difficult situations and complex issues.
  • Coordinated staff nurse input via each council into the budget requests for each fiscal year

2006 Coordinating Council

Beth Ann Allison

Beth Ann Allison

2006 Coordinating Council

Beth Ann Allison is the chair of the York Hospital Coordinating Council.  Allison is a 23 year veteran of York Hospital.  She started in 1982 on a general medical/surgical floor after graduating from York College of Pennsylvania.  In 1985 she transferred to the NICU and has been there since.  Allison is currently a Clinical Nurse III and chairperson for the hospital-wide Practice Council.  She has also held a position of director-at-large for the National Association of Neonatal Nurses and has held various positions on the local chapter of Neonatal Nurses.  Allison is involved in many activities within the NICU such as teaching NRP, outreach education of the S.T.A.B.L.E. Program and neonatal transports.

2006 Coordinating Council Accomplishments 

  • Developed a vision and mission for Coordinating Council
  • Participated in the Nursing Strategic Planning for WellSpan Health system-wide
  • Revised and updated all Shared Decision Making Council accountabilities and membership
  • Completed the 1st edition/year of Nursing News
  • Coordinated the August NDNQI RN satisfaction survey. Selected the tool based on RN stakeholder feedback.
  • Worked with IS to update the internal and external Nursing website
  • Assisted in the planning of the annual report


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