Baccalaureate of Science Degree Registry Level

The graduate of the BS degree program will possess basic and advanced assessment skills and critical care knowledge due to a variety of classroom and clinical experiences. In addition, the BS graduate will have a thorough knowledge of overall patient care and will develop, through use of clinical electives, an area of specialized clinical expertise. The BS Therapist program is four years long and has a total of 120 credits.

 Freshman Year
Fall - 14 Credits 
 BIO150  Biology I 4
 CHM134  General Chemistry I 4
 MAT120  Applied Calculus 3
 FYS100  First Year Seminar 3
Spring - 14 Credits 
CHM136 General Chemistry II 4
BEH260 Statistics 3
BIO100 Introduction to AHEd 1
****** Disciplinary Perspectives 3
FCO105 Rhetorical Communication 3

 Sophomore Year

Fall - 14 Credits 
BIO220 Anatomy & Physiology I 4



General Physics -or-


****** Disciplinary Perspectives 3
FCO215 Technical & Scientific Communication 3
Spring - 15 Credits 
BIO222 Anatomy & Physiology II 4
BIO230 Microbiology 4
RT105 Medical Terminology for Healthcare 1
****** Disciplinary Perspectives 3
****** Foundations - Global Citizenship 3
Summer - 3 Credits (10 weeks) 
 RT100  Basic Science for Respiratory Care

 Junior Year

Fall - 13 Credits 
RT110 Oxygen Therapy & CPR 3
RT115 Bronchopulmonary Hygiene 3
RT130 Pulmonary Disease 3
RT150 Clinical Practice A 1
***** Constellation Course 3
Spring - 13 Credits 
RT120 Mechanical Ventilation 4
RT125 Pulmonary Function Testing 2
RT135 Pediatric Respiratory Therapy 2
RT160 Clinical Practice B 2
***** Constellation Course 3
Summer - 4 Credits (10 weeks) 
RT210 Patient Evaluation
RT245 Clinical Practice C 2

 Senior Year

Fall - 15 Credits 
RT320 Pulmonary Physiology 3
RT450 RT Seminar 2
RT270 Clinical Practice D 1
***** Constellation Course 3
***** Elective Course 3
***** Foundations – American Citizenship 3
Spring - 13 Credits 
RT330 Cardiac Physiology 2
R410 RT Independent Study 1
RT350 Clinical Practice E 1
***** Constellation Course 3
***** Elective Course 3
***** Elective Course 3
Summer - 2 Credits (10 weeks) 
RT430 Clinical Practice F
Elective Information

Students are free to choose electives as they wish. Electives may be used to fulfill requirements toward a minor degree. The following are suggested areas of study for those not pursuing a minor who desire appropriate coursework which will be an asset in Respiratory Care:

  • Computer Science
  • Gerontology
  • Language - Spanish for the Healthcare Field (previous Spanish knowledge is required)
  • Pathophysiology

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