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For Independent Medical Professionals

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COVID-19 Vaccinations for Healthcare Professionals

WellSpan Health has streamlined the process for accepting vaccination requests from independent community providers.

The Community Healthcare Practice COVID-19 Vaccination Registration Form, previously used to collect practice rosters, has been discontinued.

Due to the high demand for the COVID-19 vaccine, all available appointments are currently filled. We ask for your patience as we work to make more appointments available to the community. Appointments will depend on vaccine availability.

Login to MyWellSpan and after answering the questions, you will have the option to be notified when appointments become available.

Best Sources of Information:

If you are physician or APC and would like to contact another physician or APC with a COVID-19 question, please call 717-851-4990 or email


COVID-19 In-person Ambulatory Screening Flowchart

Frequently Asked Questions – COVID-19 Evaluation and Treatment

COVID-19 Vaccine Scripting

Treatment Sites Update

WellSpan Medical Group practices that recently served as dedicated COVID-19 evaluation and treatment sites have returned to providing patients with their intended care services.

Evusheld Treatment Information

For additional information regarding Evusheld, please email

Monoclonal Antibody Treatments

Guidance on Elective Surgeries and Procedures 

As we are experiencing all-time highs in the number of COVID-19 positive patients receiving care in our facilities, we have chosen to temporarily postpone certain elective surgeries and procedures to ensure the availability of hospital resources, including staff, for acute medical care and treatment. Please review our Frequently Asked Questions for the latest information.

Guidance on Medical Staff Returning to Work 

Screening of Credentialed Medical Staff Returning to Work

Current WellSpan Medical Group COVID-19 Signs

The language that we are currently using at our WellSpan Medical Group Practices is below:


If you have symptoms you believe are related to coronavirus (COVID-19), which include

  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Shortness of Breath

STOP and call the office before entering the building.