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COVID-19 Data Dashboard

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As a trusted partner to our community, WellSpan is committed to ensuring our friends and neighbors get the information and care they need during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our teams are caring for an increased number of COVID-19 patients in our hospitals, and we must remain vigilant and come together to slow the spread of COVID-19.

This COVID-19 Information Dashboard provides daily updates regarding testing and patient cases across our health system and within each of the counties we serve.

Note:  Except where noted, data reflect WellSpan Health patients only.  A data update occurred on Dec. 8, 2020, which more accurately reflects cumulative total tests performed.

Cumulative Patients Hospitalized for COVID-19

Cumulative COVID-19 Tests Performed

Cumulative COVID-19 Positive Test Results

COVID-19 Positive - Acute Inpatient Census

As of 3/21/22, no new data will be added to this graph as COVID-19 hospitalizations have fallen at each WellSpan hospital to the point where providing this level of detail has the potential to compromise patient privacy.  Please click here for state and countywide data from the Pennsylvania Department of Health.  If hospitalizations were to increase in the future, we will consider sharing this level of data once again.

Average Age of Hospital Admissions by Month


Distribution of Hospitalizations by Age


Rolling 7-Day Average of New Confirmed and Probable Cases (Full County Data)

Source:  Pennsylvania Department of Health Publicly Available Data Set.

Rolling 7-Day COVID Positive Percentage (WellSpan Administered Tests)

County 30-Day Trend Data 30-Day Percent Change 30-Day Trendline

Rolling averages are used to smooth out short-term fluctuations and highlight longer-term trends. A rolling 7-day average is calculated by summing each day's value, and those of the previous six days, and dividing by seven. A 30-day trend shows how this 7-day average is changing over a span of 30 days.


COVID-19 Testing Statistics by County (Overall Cumulative Totals Since March 10, 2020)

County Tests Performed Finalized Pending Positive


Cumulative Total Number of Deaths of Confirmed Positive COVID-19 Patients (By Hospital)


This data includes only deaths of confirmed-positive COVID-19 patients that were once admitted at WellSpan Health hospitals. This information is also not based on patient residency and therefore will differ from Pa. Department of Health statistics, which are reported by residency of the deceased.