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WellSpan Visitor Policy Changes

Updated June 17, 2020

WellSpan Health has developed protocols to maximize the health and safety of our patients, visitors and staff from the spread of COVID-19.  Beginning the week of June 1, WellSpan Health facilities will permit one healthy support person for hospital inpatients, Emergency Department patients, and those patients at outpatient locations.

Visitation is currently limited at all WellSpan facilities. One healthy support person in most circumstances will be permitted to accompany a patient. A support person is defined as an individual who is essential to a patient’s physical, spiritual and emotional well-being. Visitation policies for patients on behavioral health units will be different and determined by those locations.

Face Covering (e.g. mask, scarf, bandana, etc.) 

All patients, support persons and approved visitors over the age of two coming into our facilities must have a face covering (e.g.  mask, scarf, bandana, etc.) regardless of COVID status. Each person entering our facilities is encouraged to bring their own mask; In accordance with Secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Health order dated June 9, 2020, exceptions will be made only for patients for whom masking would create a further health risk. If a healthy support person refuses to wear a mask, they will not be admitted into the facility unless they are the support person for a patient with a disability or the parent of a minor and for whom wearing a mask would create a further health risk.

Health Screenings

When entering a WellSpan Health facility, patients and support persons are required to complete a health screening, which includes answering questions about their health related to COVID-19.  Any support person who screens positive may not enter with the patient. If the patient screens positive, the patient will be directed to contact their PCP for guidance and care. Anyone with serious symptoms will be directed to the nearest Emergency Department.

WellSpan Outpatient Locations 

  • Patients may be accompanied by a single healthy support person following screening and mask policies.
  • A pediatric patient may be accompanied by two healthy parents/guardians at the visit.
  • Food delivery at outpatient locations must be accepted at an outside entrance.

WellSpan Hospitals

  • All inpatients may have one healthy support person visit with them at a time who has gone through screening and is masked.
  • Labor and Delivery, including Maternity, patients: One healthy partner/support person to stay throughout their admission and care. This person must be ≥ 18 years of age (unless they are the parent of the baby).
  • Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and All Pediatric patients: Two healthy parents/guardians will be allowed in the unit at a time and they are approved for the entirety of the hospitalization. 
  • Emergency Department Visitation: One healthy support person is permitted and authorized for adult patients presenting to the ED for the entirety of the visit. Pediatric patients may have two healthy parents/guardians but no other family children.
  • Hospital Based Procedures, Surgery, Testing: One healthy support person is permitted during the same day/outpatient procedure/surgery/test, for post-procedure discussion and for assistance with discharge.
  • End of Life: All end of life patients regardless of COVID-19 status who are admitted to any health care unit may have only two support persons allowed into the unit at a given time.  A visit from clergy may be considered in these situations.
  • COVID-19 or PUI patients: One healthy support person may visit, will ideally( but not mandatory)  be a household contact and must remain only in the patient location. Visitor must be masked.
  • Behavioral Health unit visitation has specific requirements unique to that service.

Volunteers, Third-Party Vendors, Contractors and non-employee contracted staff and Deliveries:

In addition to visitor restrictions, WellSpan Health is currently suspending volunteer activities in all hospitals and facilities and limiting entry to individuals deemed essential to provide patient care.

  • No volunteers will be permitted. At this time external clergy are not permitted.
  • Only approved and screened third-party vendors are permitted.
  • Non-employed contracted staff entering the building to work must follow employee screening.
  • Deliveries of food and flowers to patients are to be delivered to designated entrances. Deliveries are accepted from 8 am to 4 pm.
  • Hospital staff ordering food delivery must arrange for pick-up of the delivery at an exterior entrance, not in the hospital lobby.
  • Food delivery to outpatient hospital locations must be to an outside entrance.