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COVID-19 Information Dashboard

As a trusted, loyal partner to our community, WellSpan Health is committed to ensuring our friends and neighbors get the information and care they need during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This COVID-19 Information Dashboard provides daily updates regarding testing and patient cases across our health system and within each of the counties we serve.

As our hospitals and care teams continue to plan for an anticipated increase in COVID-19 patients in our hospitals, it is vitally important for our community to remain vigilant throughout this public health crisis. Everyone must come together to slow the spread of COVID-19 and help us meet the anticipated increase in patient care needs in our communities and our hospitals.

Please continue to practice social distancing, wear a mask or cloth face covering when out in public, wash your hands thoroughly and – unless necessary – stay home. Only through these efforts will we be able to "flatten the curve" so that our healthcare systems can safely and appropriately care for patients.

Note:  Data reflects WellSpan Health patients only.  Data is updated daily at midnight.

Cumulative Total Tests Performed

Cumulative Total Positive Test Results

Daily COVID-19 Tests Performed (Daily Test Totals Since March 10)3

3Surveillance testing of specific individuals within WellSpan Health facilities were inadvertently added to testing counts on August 28-31. Those tests have since been removed from the counts for those dates on Sept. 9, to more accurately reflect overall testing data.

COVID-19 Positive Test Results (Day-to-Day Cumulative Totals Since March 10)

COVID-19 Testing Statistics by County (Overall Cumulative Totals Since March 10)2

County Tests Performed Finalized Pending Positive Positive % Negative Negative %

2A data update occurred on Aug 1, which more accurately reflects testing data by location. As a result, the number of positive test results shown by county may have increased to reflect the more accurate previous counts and does not reflect a significant spike in new positive tests.

Daily Hospital Census of COVID-19 Patients (Confirmed & Suspected/PUI Totals as of 12 a.m. Today)

Hospital Confirmed Positive Suspected (PUI) Total Admissions


Cumulative Total Number of Deaths of Confirmed Positive COVID-19 Patients (By Hospital)1


1This data includes only deaths of confirmed-positive COVID-19 patients that occurred in WellSpan Health hospitals. This does not include deaths of patients that occurred at non-WellSpan facilities or at home. This information is also not based on patient residency and therefore will differ from Pa. Department of Health statistics, which are reported by residency of the deceased.