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Healthy Community Network

Improving access to health care for the uninsured and underinsured

What is Healthy Community Network?

  • Health care providers and social service agencies who are working together and committed to helping people who are uninsured or underinsured find health care.
  • A provider of essential medical care and medication to those who qualify.
  • Financial counselors assisting people to apply for other medical coverage if they are eligible.
  • Healthy Community Network's website is www.healthycommunitynetwork.org.

Is Healthy Community Network health insurance?

No. Healthy Community Network is not health insurance. Through a commitment from area health care providers, eligible participants have access to essential medical services and medications at discounted cost.

Do all doctors take part in Healthy Community Network?

No. While many doctors take part in Healthy Community Network, not all do. If you want to find out if your doctor accepts it, please call WellSpan Health Source at (717) 851-3500. Or you may call Healthy Community Network in York call (717) 812-2990. In Gettysburg, call (717) 339-2439. Or you may call toll free (800) 429-2430.

Am I eligible for Healthy Community Network?

• Eligibility is based on income level.
• Participants must reapply for Healthy Community Network every six months.
• If you have health insurance, you may still be eligible.
If I am eligible, where will I receive health care and medications?
• If you currently see a doctor at Memorial Hospital, Family First Health or WellSpan, you may continue to see him or her.
• If you do not have a doctor, we will help you find one within the network.
• For your convenience, prescriptions will be filled through WellSpan Pharmacy locations.

Where can I go to apply for Healthy Community Network?

Applications are available at the Community Progress Council, WellSpan Health, Memorial Hospital, Family First Health, Hanover Hospital, ForSight Vision or the York City Bureau of Health. Staff at each of these locations will explain the process to you and may be able to help you complete the application. If you currently receive medical care through WellSpan Health, Hanover Hospital, Memorial Hospital or Family First Health, please ask their staff if you can be part of the program.


For more information, in York call (717) 812-2990. In Gettysburg, call (717) 339-2439. Or you may call toll free (800) 429-2430.

Who is involved in this program?

Community Progress Council
226 E. College Ave., York
(717) 846-4600

ForSight Vision
1380 Spahn Ave., York
(717) 848-1630

Family First Health
116 S. George St., York
(717) 845-8617

Hanover Hospital
300 Highland Ave., Hanover
(717) 637-3711

Memorial Hospital Outpatient Clinic
325 S. Belmont St., York
(717) 849-5477

WellSpan Health
1001 S. George St., York
(717) 851-3500

York City Bureau of Health
227 W. Market St., York
(717) 849-2299