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Access to Care

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Numerous barriers—such as culture, education, income, language, race and ethnicity, and lack of insurance—often make it difficult for individuals to obtain needed health care services.  By identifying and reducing these barriers, WellSpan Health is committed to meeting healthcare needs by empowering people to understand and make healthy behavior change, and connecting individuals and families to a medical home.

  • Assistance for Uninsured or Underinsured: WellSpan Health is improving access to health care for uninsured and underinsured people through the Healthy Community Network program.
  • Need for a Medical Home: A WellSpan family medicine doctor, internal medicine doctor or pediatrician will work with you to help you get and stay healthy all year long. WellSpan primary care doctors have access to  a full system of specialists and ancillary care services near you in central Pennsylvania. Connect to a WellSpan primary care provider.
  • Health Education and Support: WellSpan Health delivers a wide range of health education programs and services to help keep you a healthy step ahead. Whether you need help managing a chronic disease, preparing for childbirth, eating a better diet, being more physically active, or quitting tobacco, WellSpan can be your partner on your journey for better health. Visit our Events page to sign up for available programs.