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Lifelong Health & Wellness

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Addressing Health Issues – Mind, Body & Spirit

Living a healthy lifestyle is a life-long commitment. It is more like a marathon than a sprint. At WellSpan, we believe in not just addressing acute care, but also prevention, chronic disease management, and mental and physical health.

With additional and unprecedented health challenges created by COVID-19, we saw the need to do more for our community beyond treating physical ailments. WellSpan Health immediately developed a pipeline of resources to ensure we were addressing the stressors and supporting the coping skills our friends and neighbors need to help manage the dynamics created by COVID-19.

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A few other examples of programs we ran in 2021 include:

  • 10-Pound Throwdown, a community weight loss challenge, which engaged 7,200 individuals in losing approximately 14,000 pounds.
  • The Get Outdoors (GO) program across five counties, which engaged 5,000 kids and parents in an outdoors physical activity program aligned with local library summer reading programs.
  • Tobacco and cessation programs, which educated more than 1,100 individuals.
  • Opioid use disorder treatment combining medication and recovery support, which impacted 667 patients.
  • The Autism Awareness Fair, which provided education to 512 Franklin County residents.
  • The Ephrata Prediabetes & Diabetes Prevention Program, which engaged 24 people with prediabetes in an educational program on lifestyle behaviors and prevention.​



In This Section

Engaging the community in wellness programs

Healthy Living & Chronic Disease Prevention

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Assisting those with opioid use disorders

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