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Community Engagement

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Working Together to Make our Community a Healthy Place to Live, Work and Play

WellSpan strives to connect with the community we serve. As a non-profit healthcare provider, we partner with and support community-based organizations that advance the mission, vision, and values of our organization. Through our leadership, WellSpan Health continues to support dozens of community organizations in their tireless efforts to make central Pennsylvania a healthier place to live, work and play. We are committed as a trusted partner to help our communities and our neighbors stay A Healthy Step Ahead.



In 2021, WellSpan supported countless community organizations through sponsorships totaling more than $829,000. Through our partnership grant programs, WellSpan invested $940,000 back into the community. Here are a few examples of initiatives we supported in 2021.

Lebanon County 50+ Festival
As a Premiere sponsor for this annual event, we welcomed over 500 older community members to participate in health screenings and other educational opportunities.

Cultural Diversity Conference
Over 144 local providers attended this one-day conference offering continuing education. WellSpan Philhaven is a major sponsor and two WellSpan providers shared their expertise with participants.

COVID-19 Education and Outreach
Together with community partners, WellSpan co-branded many bi-lingual community PSAs and infographics during the COVID-19 pandemic. One collaborative Spanish social media campaign touched 6,626 individuals with educational videos on prevention, safety, and vaccination resources.

Children Safety
Handwashing videos and additional resources were shared with nine nurses and teachers throughout Franklin County school districts who requested handwashing education.

Winter STREAK health education series
With the realization that many people in our community were looking to jumpstart their personal wellness goals after a challenging pandemic winter, our team engaged with 254 community members throughout 12 virtual workshops on health and wellness topics.

Safe Kids York County
WellSpan serves as the lead partner for this coalition, who’s programs supported 527 children and their families in 2021. Our discounted car seat program delivered 82 seats to families and checked seat installations for 110 families. Cribettes were given to 85 families so newborns have a safe sleep environment. During pediatric office visits, 250 children acquired bicycle helmets.

Safe Kids Adams County - Car Seat Safety
Through a grant-funded program, car seats were given to 10 families in need with infants.

Project SEARCH
Eleven students completed this school-to-work immersion program for students with disabilities in the workplace in 2021. Since 2010, 78 percent of student interns are gainfully employed.


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