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Care for All

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WellSpan believes everyone should be cared for and valued. We believe everyone deserves access to the healthcare they need. We understand that financial barriers exist, and that’s why we offer financial assistance and charity care programs. In 2020, WellSpan provided $13.1 million in charity care. Patients with income less than or equal to 300 percent of the federal poverty level are eligible for a 100 percent discount on services provided. Significant discounts are also available for patients whose income is at or below 400 percent of the federal poverty level. Uninsured patients are eligible for discounted care, regardless of income.

Add in the additional challenges of a global pandemic, and our mission, vision and core values led us to realize additional actions were needed to remove financial barriers.

As early indicators pointed to COVID-19 developing into a public health crisis, we took swift action to remove financial barriers from community members seeking testing or treatment of COVID-19.

Our action didn’t stop there: we swiftly identified and addressed challenges of our vulnerable populations including housing, transportation, meals, and avenues for virtual health.

We also provided COVID-19 resources online and at community events for our Spanish-speaking neighbors.

Learn more about WellSpan’s Financial Assistance Program.

Learn more about the Healthy Community Network.

Slow the Spread

Before COVID-19 created additional challenges for our community partners, WellSpan Health had a grant program in place that focused on top-priority needs for its communities and accepted applications three times a year.

As COVID-19 began to affect the communities served by WellSpan, our teams identified an opportunity to support community partners who had an immediate need to purchase additional equipment, such as Personal Protective Equipment, to protect themselves and others from the spread of COVID-19.

Using the structure of the existing grant program, we were able to quickly and seamlessly modify the application and review process to fit the more emergent needs brought on by COVID-19.

Slow the Spread grants were established to help community partners navigate through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Overall, the program issued 42 grants to 41 organizations for more than $272,000 since March 24 in categories such as food ($82,614), sanitation/prevention ($71,653), housing ($64,165), virtual/other ($28,851) and medical ($25,000).

Nancy Newton, manager of grants and special projects, WellSpan Health: “Because WellSpan is involved in each of its communities and works collaboratively with many community organizations, we recognize that we all play a key role in slowing the spread of COVID. No one entity can do this alone.”

Read more on how the Slow the Spread grants helped area EMS providers support our friends and Neighbors.




Community Partnership Grants

Community Partner​CountyCommunity Health Need​How We Helped
Community Health Council of Lebanon County​ Lebanon Community health coordination​ Supported a full-time leadership position.​
Healthy York Coalition​ York Community health coordination​ Supported a full-time leadership position.​
Healthy Adams County Adams Chronic disease education & prevention Supported Adams County Diabetes Forum in providing healthy cooking and physical activity demonstrations.
HACC Adams Behavioral health and lifelong wellness Sponsored an inspirational speaker on International Disabilities Day in order to motivate students to achieve their greatest potential.
Clinic for Special Children All Caring for special populations Assisted in formalizing and expanding the palliative and hospice care program for the Plain community.
Keystone Pet Enhanced All Behavioral health and lifelong wellness Enhanced the availability of Pet Therapy services and Animal-Assisted Therapy to patients at multiple WellSpan facilities.
York Co Cerebral Palsy York Caring for special populations Purchased portable oxygen units for residents of the Margaret Moul Home.
JT Dorsey Foundation Lebanon Health and wellness Initiated a free soccer program for Harding Elementary School.
Leg Up Farm York Caring for special populations Established an Integrated Physical Education Program using Applied Behavior Analysis techniques for special education students.
York Fresh Food Farm York Access to healthy food Supplied farming inputs to operate greenhouses for delivering more produce from an expanded mobile produce market.

Total of $165,550 in Community Partnership Grants (not including Slow the Spread grants)


Summit Endowment Grants

Community Partner​County​​Community Health Need​​How We Helped​​
United Way of Franklin County​​ Franklin​​ Caring for special populations​​ Connected individuals with in-demand career pathways; Supported Born Learning Academy designed to prepare young children to be ready and successful in school.​​
Chambersburg Memorial YMCA​​ Franklin​​ Health and wellness​​ Supported LIVESTRONG at the YMCA II, a program to help cancer survivors reclaim their health and well-being.​​
South Central Community Action Programs, Inc.​​ Franklin​​ Access to healthy food​​ Sponsored The Gleaning Project for Healthy Outcomes, designed to feed and nourish those in need with fresh locally grown produce that would otherwise be wasted.​​
Waynesboro Area Business Education & Community Foundation​ Franklin​​ Behavioral health and lifelong wellness​​ Supported three initiatives to support children and families. Quest for SEAL provided a social worker to assist students and families with mental health inventions; Kindergarten Camp prepared children for kindergarten success; and Read to Me program increased family engagement by reading together.​​
WellSpan Summit Physician Services​​ Franklin​​ Caring for special populations​​ Closed health care gaps by funding Community Health Workers to link patients in need with health care and social services.​​
Penn State University​​ Franklin​​ Caring for special populations​​ Supported the Veterans Equine Riding Program to help veterans develop physical and rational skills in a non-threatening and motivational environment.​​
Franklin County Library System​​ Franklin​​ Health and wellness​​ Assembled backpacks for adults and youth to be checked out for exploring and hiking in the community.​​
WellSpan Chambersburg Heart Failure Clinic​​ Franklin​​ Chronic illness and prevention​​ Encouraged healthy nutrition by offering clinic participants food and educational tools through a low sodium food pantry staffed by a dietitian.​​
Leah’s Legacy Foundation​​ Franklin​​ Caring for special populations​​ Established an Integrated Physical Education Program using Applied Behavior Analysis techniques for special education students.​​
Greencastle-Antrim Endowment Scholarships​ Franklin​​ Healthcare workforce development​​ Awarded new scholarships to four graduating seniors and renewed 11 scholarships for college students pursuing careers in healthcare.​​

Total of $365,531 in Community Partnership Grants (not including Slow the Spread grants)​​