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WellSpan Employee Assistance Program

WellSpan Employee Assistance Program

On-site Crisis Response

View our contact information for crisis response services, or call 1-866-227-6527.

Experiencing a Stressful Event - Guidelines for Managers and Supervisors

One of the services of the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is to provide a consistent, comprehensive method for coping with the impact of traumatic events affecting the workplace.  This onsite response minimizes the negative impact and promotes healing of those people touched by the traumatic event.

Definition:  What are Significant Stress Reactions?
Significant Stress Reactions are emotional shocks that can create substantial and lasting psychological effects in individuals and groups.  Trauma results form events that are beyond the scope of the usual, expectable stressors of everyday work life and can interfere with a person's ability to carry on normal, everyday activities, especially at work.

When an employee has been involved in a corporate restructuring, accident or disaster, those close to him or her (co-workers, family, friends) are likely to suffer the effects of the stress as well.  It is important, therefore, to be prepared to meet the psychological needs of all those involved in these events.  Timely intervention will reduce stress and other complications, and the cost to business of workers who are unable to be fully productive.

Types of Stressful Events (Critical Incidents)

  • Corporate restructuring/mergers/downsizing
  • Violence or Threat of Violence
  • Death or Serious Injury
  • Natural Disasters
  • Homicide or Suicide
  • Robbery
  • Other traumatic situations

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