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WellSpan recognizes staff members for 25 or more years of service

Thursday, March 06, 2008

WellSpan Health will recognize 185 staff members for 25 or more years of service at a dinner, Wednesday, March 12, at the Holiday Inn Holidome, West Manchester.

Doris Hoffman of the Switchboard and P.K. Pandelidis, M.D., of WellSpan Behavioral Health Services will be recognized for 45 years of service.

Eleven staff members will be recognized for 40 years of service.

They are:  Kay Bruggeman, Radiation Oncology; Tina Chivers, T-2; Charlotte Grimm, Pharmacy; Karen Hamilton, Pediatrics; Carl Hostetter, Pulmonary Services; Brenda Raffensberger, Operating Rooms; Robert Redding, Pharmacy; Margaret Scott, Cardiovascular Administration; Linda Simpson, Open Heart Surgery; Nancy Steinfelt, Surgical Services Administration; and Carol Willow, Purchasing.

Twenty-three staff members will be honored for 35 years of service, while 43 will be recognized for 30 years of service.
Eighty-six staff members will be recognized for 25 years of service.

Below is a complete list of all staff members being recognized.

45 Years of Service

Doris Hoffman, Switchboard
P.K. Pandelidis, WellSpan Behavioral Health Services

40 Years of Service

Kay Bruggeman, Radiation Oncology
Tina Chivers, T2
Charlotte Grimm, Pharmacy
Karen Hamilton, Pediatrics
Carl Hostetter, Pulmonary Services
Brenda Raffensberger, Operating Rooms
Robert Redding, Pharmacy
Margaret Scott, Cardiovascular Administration
Linda Simpson, Open Heart Surgery
Nancy Steinfelt, Surgical Services
Carol Willow, Purchasing

35 Years of Service

Maxine Banks, Adult Inpatient Psychiatric Program
Deborah Barnes, Intravenous Therapy
Glenda Fake, Purchasing
Stephen Ferree, Pulmonary Services
Gail Frey, Laundry Services
Glenna Harden, Open Heart Intensive Care
David Keener, Maintenance
Gay Kornbau, Anatomic Pathology
Judy Krow, Billing
Cynthia Kump, A-2 Nursing
Dena Landis, Short Stay Unit
Faustina Laughman, Emergency Services
Donna Lerew, York Hospital Community Health Center
Glenda Miller, Imaging
Janet Poole, Hemodialysis
Kathy Schreck, Clinical Laboratory
Barbara Shuler, Gastroenterology
Dianne Stern, Housekeeping
Joan Tome, T-2
Charles Vaughn, Microbiology Laboratory
Donna Waugh, Pediatrics
Linda Wetzel, Housekeeping
Martha Wolf, Cardiology

30 Years of Service

Thomas Brenner, Pharmacy
Billye Davis-Krug, Physician Billing
Kathleen Doll, Central Services and Supply
Roberta Doudrick, Central Resource Team
Deborah Doxsey, Nursing Administration
Laura Edwards, B-1 Nursing
Mary Einsig, Imaging Nursing
Debora Fultz, Intravenous Therapy
Anita Haines, WellSpan Endoscopy Center
James Heindel, School of Respiratory Care
Joan Houser, Clinical Laboratory
Rosemarie Inners, Post Anesthesia Care Unit
Thelma Johnson, B-1 Nursing
Sharon Kline, Materials Management
Emma Krichten, Care Management
Cindy Kuykendall, Adams County Women’s Health
Mary Ellen Larson, Anatomic Pathology
David Marteny, BioMedical Engineering
Diane McWilliams, Stony Brook Family Medicine
Diane Moffitt, Rheumatology
Kathleen Nickel, Anatomic Pathology
Kathleen O’Connor, Neonatal ICU
Patsy Parks, Billing
Anne Platts, Imaging
Helen Quickel, Lactation Cetner
Valerie Ryder, Medical Records
Lynn Sanderson, Medical Surgical ICU
Paul Schreck, Audiovisual Sciences
Robert Senft, Engineering
Judy Shanholtz, Maternity
Linda Sheridan, Gastroenterology
Susan Shoff, 4 Main
Jacqueline Snyder, Case Management
Theresa Stagemyer, Apple Hill Rehab Medicine
Barbara Steiber, Transfusion Services
Daniel Stonesifer, Gettysburg Hospital Materials Management
Tina Taylor, Case Management
Rose Tharp, Laboratory Support Services
Jean Uricheck, York Pediatric Medicine
Margaret Winemiller, Imaging Nursing
Susan Witmyer, Case Management
Carol Writer, Hayshire Family Medicine
Ruby Young, Food Services

25 Years of Service

Jodi Acri, Hemodialysis
Beth Allison, Neonatal ICU
Debra Altland, Pharmacy
Kevin Arthur, Safety Services
David Beard, Operating Rooms
Carol Berkheimer, Women’s Infusion Services
Cindy Bolton, CDL Support Services
Lori Bowers, Apple Hill Surgical Center
Marilyn Brandon, Short Stay Unit
Laurie Brown, Outpatient Clinics
Patricia Carpenter, York Hospital Hospitalists
James Cochran, South Central Preferred
Sherrie Coeyman, Physical Medicine
Cindy Cooley, CPAL
Beverly Dellinger, Open Heart Intensive Care Unit
Susan Diehl, Surgical Services
Barbara Doll, Nephrology
Elaine Doll, Yorktowne Family Medicine
Gloria Easter, Pulmonary Services
David Eitel, Emergency Medicine
Deborah Englar, South Central Preferred
Cindy Fink, Imaging
Diane Frey, Housekeeping
William Fry, Receiving and Stores
Joan Geisler, Billing
Varlen Gibbs, Receiving and Stores
Drinda Gibson, Neonatal ICU
Angela Goetz, Cardiac Rehab
Jolene Goodling, York Hospital Community Health Center
Susan Grace, General Laboratory
Denise Grove, CDL Support Services
Linda Hake, York Hospital Community Health Center
Rhada Hartmann, Bereavement Services
Jan Herman, Case Management
Mary Hershey, Transcription Services
Christine Hess, Education
Wendy Hileman, Operating Rooms
Tina Hoffman, Laboratory
Maryann Housseal, Rehab Medicine
Rebecca Johnson, Laboratory
Diane Kemper, Education Services
Cindra Ketterman-Hopkins, Nutrition Support Services
Nancy Klinedinst, Nuclear Medicine
Joyce Knisely, Stony Brook Family Medicine
Richard Kravitz, Adult Inpatient Psychiatric Program
Mary Krynock, Financial Services
Tu Lam, Pharmacy
Mary Laughman, Clinical Laboratory
Thomas Lawler, Plant Operations
Mary Lawrence, Critical Care Unit
Robin Lightner, T-4
Nancy Mann, Adult Inpatient Psychiatric Program
Jolene McDonald, Imaging Nursing
Francis McKniff, Emergency Medicine
Lanna Meyls, PACS Administration
Judith Miller, York Hospital Community Health Center
Patricia Miller, WellSpan Behavioral Health
Rebecca Peters, Infection Control
Darlene Point, MBS
Pamela Poland, Gettysburg Adult Medicine
Elaine Reed, Pulmonary Services
David Reichow, Food Services
Ada Richardson, Case Management
Geraldine Rickrode, Imaging Hayshire
Betty Rogers, VNA Home Health
Teresa Rohrbaugh, Radiology
Genevieve Schofield, Medical Records
Jeanette Showers, Emergency Services
Divina Shuman, Pulmonary Services
Gloria Slaybaugh, Post Anesthesia Care Unit
Barry Sparks, Public Relations
Donald Sparks, Maintenance
Debora Steiner, Computer Tomography
William Steinour, Emergency-Physicians
David Stoup, Pulmonary Services
Nancy Stoup, Surgical Services
Sue Tanon, General Laboratory
Rick Topper, VNA Home Health
Bonita Trapnell, Medical Services Administration
Mary Waldon, Emergency Services
Sue Wentz, Pharmacy
Jane Wilson, B-1 Nursing
Susan Witushynsky, Emergency Services
Mary Wright, Imaging
Nancy Wright, Women’s Imaging at Apple Hill

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