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  1. Thrush
  2. Vaginal Yeast Infections Discusses infection caused by overgrowth of Candida albicans, a type of yeast that normally lives in the vagina. Covers symptoms like itching or soreness in vagina or burning when you urinate or have sex. Looks at treatment with medicines like Monistat.
  3. Vaginal Yeast Infection: Should I Treat It Myself? Guides you through the decision to treat a vaginal yeast infection yourself. Explains when you may need to see a doctor to diagnose a yeast infection. Discusses prescription and over-the-counter medicines. Includes interactive tool to help you decide.
  4. Mouth and Dental Provides links to information about mouth and dental health. Includes info about toothaches, thrush, TM disorders, canker sores, wisdom teeth, and dental care.
  5. Vaginitis
  6. Yeast Infection While Breastfeeding
  7. Boric Acid for Vaginal Yeast Infection
  8. Recurrent Vaginal Yeast Infections
  9. Female Genital Problems and Injuries
  10. Mouth Problems, Noninjury
  11. Vaginal Yeast Infection During Pregnancy

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