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  1. Groin Problems and Injuries Discusses groin problems and injuries. Looks at acute injuries, hernias, rashes, and other groin problems inchildren. Covers signs and symptoms. Offers home treatment and prevention tips. Covers emergencies such as severe pain and signs of shock.
  2. Protecting Your Skin From the Sun Covers possible effects of sun exposure, including sunburn and skin cancer. Explains UVA and UVB rays. Offers tips for children and adults on how much time to spend in the sun. Discusses protective clothing and sunscreen protection, including proper SPF.
  3. Care of Your Skin When You Have Diabetes
  4. Scrapes
  5. Diabetes: Taking Care of Your Feet
  6. Child Safety: Preventing Burns
  7. Diabetes: Checking Your Feet
  8. Diabetes: Steps for Foot-Washing
  9. Diabetes: Protecting Your Feet

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