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  1. Preventing Children's Injuries From Sports and Other Activities
  2. Child Safety: Preventing Child Abduction
  3. Playground Safety
  4. Crib Safety
  5. Immunization Safety
  6. Child Safety: Preventing Drowning Briefly discusses drowning hazards and teaching swimming safety. Offers tips on keeping children safe around indoor water sources, including water in bathtubs, toilets, and containers, and outdoor water hazards like pools, ditches, and wells.
  7. Child Safety: Preventing Falls
  8. Child Safety: Preventing Burns
  9. Child Safety: Fires
  10. Child Safety: Washing Toys to Prevent Germs
  11. Child Safety: Drowning Prevention in Pools and Hot Tubs
  12. Child Safety: Pets
  13. Child Safety: Bathing
  14. Nursery Equipment Safety Checklist
  15. Health andSafety, Birth to 2 Years Offers tips to prevent illness and accidental injuries in babies and young children. Covers SIDS. Discusses common safety hazards. Also discusses healthy habits such as safe food preparation, using car seats, and immunizations. Covers safe baby products.
  16. Child Safety: Streets and Motor Vehicles
  17. Child Safety: Strollers and Shopping Carts
  18. Child Safety: Bicycles and Tricycles
  19. Child Safety: Guns and Firearms
  20. Safety Around Irrigation Canals
  21. Thinking About Child Safety
  22. Child Safety: Air Pollution
  23. Health andSafety, Ages 2 to 5 Years
  24. Cerebral Palsy: Safety Tips
  25. Quick Tips: Giving Over-the-Counter Medicines to Children
  26. Child Car Seats
  27. Quick Tips: Baby-Proofing Your Home
  28. Food Handling and Preparation in a Child Care Setting
  29. Epilepsy: Tips for Keeping Your Child Safe Learn how to keep your child with epilepsy safer at home, outdoors, and at school.

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