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  1. Lead
  2. Lead Poisoning Screening
  3. Lead Poisoning
  4. Preventing Lead Poisoning
  5. Lead Poisoning: Reducing Lead in Your Home
  6. Lead Poisoning: Tips for Those Who Work With Lead
  7. Lead Poisoning: Nutrition and Food Preparation
  8. Lead Poisoning: Contaminated Drinking Water
  9. Lead Poisoning in Children: Questions Before Screening
  10. Lead Poisoning: Jobs and Hobbies That May Increase Risk
  11. Prehypertension Covers blood pressure that is higher than normal, which could lead to high blood pressure. Looks at lowering blood pressure with diet, exercise, and quitting smoking. Includes following the DASH diet to lower blood pressure.
  12. Chelation Therapy Discusses shots of EDTA into bloodstream to remove heavy metals or minerals from the body. Also discusses its use to treat atherosclerosis and coronary artery disease. Covers safety.

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