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  1. Hormone Therapy for Abnormal Uterine Bleeding Learn how hormonetherapy is used to treat abnormal uterine bleeding.
  2. Hormone Therapy for Prostate Cancer (Androgen Deprivation Therapy, or ADT)
  3. Endometriosis: Should I Use HormoneTherapy? Guides you through decision to use hormonetherapy to treat endometriosis. Covers how endometriosis may affect you. Covers how hormonetherapy works. Lists reasons for and against hormonetherapy. Includes interactive tool to help you make your decision.
  4. Menopause: Should I Use HormoneTherapy (HT)? Guides you through the decision to use hormonetherapy (HT) for menopause symptoms. Explains what menopause is and what to expect. Lists risks and benefits of HT and other treatments to try. Includes interactive tool to help you decide.
  5. Bioidentical Hormones
  6. Progestin-Only Hormonal Methods (Mini-Pills, Implants, and Shots) Looks at progestin-only hormonal methods (mini-pills, implants, and shots) to prevent pregnancy. Includes generic and brand names such as medroxyprogesterone acetate (Depo-Provera). Covers how well they work and side effects.
  7. Abnormal Uterine Bleeding: Should I Have a Hysterectomy? Guides through decision to treat abnormal uterine bleeding. Explains symptoms that doctor would look for before recommending treatment. Covers benefits and risks. Includes an interactive tool to help you make your decision.
  8. Women's Health Provides links to info on common concerns of women's health. Includes info on birth control, hormonetherapy for menopause symptoms, abnormal pap tests, and fertility problems. Also looks at pregnancy, labor, delivery, and the postpartum period.
  9. Menopause: Managing Hot Flashes Discusses options for managing perimenopause- and menopause-related hot flashes. Explains what hot flashes are. Discusses lifestyle changes that may help hot flashes. Looks at hormonetherapy (HT) and treatment with medicines and herbs.
  10. Menopause and Perimenopause Discusses what happens in the body during menopause or perimenopause. Describes physical and emotional symptoms like hot flashes and mood swings. Discusses treatment with lifestyle changes like diet and exercise. Also covers hormonetherapy.
  11. Thyroid Cancer Discusses causes and symptoms of thyroid cancer. Covers factors that increase risk, including exposure to radiation. Discusses diagnosis and treatment with surgery, radioactive iodine, and thyroid hormonetherapy.
  12. Heart Attack and Stroke in Women: Reducing Your Risk Covers risk of heart disease and stroke in women. Lists things that increase risk. Lists prevention steps, such as diet, exercise, not smoking, managing cholesterol and blood pressure, and making decisions on birth control and hormonetherapy.
  13. Hormone Treatment for Breast Cancer
  14. Infertility: Questions to Ask About Medicine or Hormone Treatment
  15. Uterine Fibroids: Should I Use GnRH-A Therapy? Guides you through decision to use gonadotropin-releasing hormone agonists (GnRH-a) medicines to treat uterine fibroids. Discusses how GnRH-a therapy works. Lists reasons for and against. Includes interactive tool to help you make your decision.
  16. Hysterectomy and Oophorectomy: Should I Use Estrogen Therapy (ET)? Guides you through the decision to use estrogen therapy (ET) after hysterectomy and oophorectomy. Lists the benefits and risks of ET. Suggests other treatments you can try. Includes interactive tool to help you make your decision.
  17. Medicines for bone loss
  18. Endometrial (Uterine) Cancer Discusses cancer of the lining of the uterus (endometrium). Covers having too much estrogen as most common cause. Discusses treatment with surgery, chemotherapy, and hormone and radiation therapy.
  19. Relieving Menstrual Pain Discusses ways to relieve pain from menstrual cramps that usually start before or at the beginning of your period. Includes steps you can take such as applying heat on your belly or getting regular exercise. Covers over-the-counter medicines that can help.
  20. Gestational Diabetes Discusses gestational diabetes (diabetes that develops during pregnancy). Discusses symptoms and how it's diagnosed. Covers treatment with healthy food choices, exercise, medicine and insulin to control blood sugar levels.
  21. Infertility: Should I Have Treatment? Guides you through the decision to have infertility treatment. Explains what infertility is and what may cause it. Discusses various types of infertility treatments. Covers benefits and risks. Includes interactive tool to help you decide.
  22. Diabetes in Children: Counting Carbs Teaches counting carbs to help you and your child plan meals to manage diabetes and control blood sugar. Explains why carb counting is important. Includes links to more info on counting carbs if you use insulin and on type 1 and type 2 diabetes.
  23. Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Managing Your Energy
  24. Sick-Day Guidelines for People With Diabetes
  25. How to Give a Glucagon Shot Learn how to give a glucagon shot to a person who is having a low-blood-sugar emergency.

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