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  1. Head Injury, Age 4 and Older Looks at common causes of minor and serious head injuries. Discusses possible headinjury emergencies. Offers tool to help you check symptoms and decide when to call a doctor. Offers home treatment and prevention tips.
  2. Head Injury, Age 3 and Younger Provides overview of head injuries in those age 3 and younger. Offers tool to help you check symptoms and decide when to see doctor. Discusses emergency symptoms and when to seek care. Offers prevention tips.
  3. Head Injuries in Children: Problems to Watch For
  4. Returning to Play After a HeadInjury During a Sporting Event
  5. How to Stop Bleeding From a Head Wound
  6. Shaken Baby Syndrome
  7. Radial Head Subluxation
  8. Facial Injuries
  9. Elbow Injuries Covers common causes of elbow injuries. Discusses injuries caused by sudden injury and those caused by overuse. Discusses treatment options. Offers interactive tool to help you decide when to see a doctor. Covers home treatment and prevention tips.
  10. Concussion
  11. Puncture Wounds
  12. Chemical Burn
  13. Burns and Electric Shock
  14. Care for Minor Burns Learn how to treat minor burns and prevent infection, and when to see a doctor.
  15. Vertigo: Staying Safe When You Have Balance Problems Discusses safety issues for those with vertigo. Offers checklists with tips for home and personal safety. Offers links to more extensive info on Ménière's disease, benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV), and dizziness and lightheadedness.
  16. Chili Pepper Burns
  17. Other Home Treatment Measures for a First-Degree Burn or Sunburn
  18. First Aid for Tar or Plastic Burns
  19. Home Treatment for Second-Degree Burns
  20. Estimating the Size of a Burn
  21. Determining the Seriousness of a Burn
  22. First Aid for Electrical Burns
  23. Hip Problems, Age 12 and Older
  24. Child Safety: Preventing Burns
  25. Hip Problems, Age 11 and Younger

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