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  1. Type 1 Diabetes in Children: Safe Exercise
  2. Asthma in Children Discusses causes and symptoms of asthma in children. Looks at treatment with medicine such as inhaled corticosteroid and albuterol. Discusses avoiding triggers and treating attacks. Covers using nebulizers, metered-dose with spacer and dry powder inhalers.
  3. Cystic Fibrosis andExercise
  4. Healthy Attitudes Toward Food andExercise
  5. Physical Activity for Childrenand Teens
  6. Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis: Stretching and Strengthening Exercises
  7. Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis: Range-of-Motion Exercises
  8. Fitness: Staying Active When You Have Young Children Discusses challenges of being a new parent and continuing to exercise. Covers amount of exercise needed for health and why it's important. Also offers tips on how to fit exercise into daily routine at home, at parks or playgrounds, and gyms.
  9. Helping Children With Disabilities Stay Active
  10. Treatment for ACL Injuries in Childrenand Teens
  11. Treating Asthma in Babies and Younger Children
  12. How Asthma Develops in Children
  13. Preventing Children's Injuries From Sports and Other Activities
  14. Asthma in Children: Knowing How Bad an Attack Is
  15. Asthma in Children: Helping a Child Use a Metered-Dose Inhaler and Mask Spacer Covers helping a child with asthma use a metered-dose inhaler with mask spacer. Explains that a metered dose inhaler delivers a measured dose of medicine directly to the lungs. Includes pictures on how to use metered-dose inhaler with mask spacer.
  16. Fitness: Getting and Staying Active Defines fitness and why you need to exercise. Covers topics such as flexibility, aerobic fitness, and muscle fitness. Offers tips on becoming more active, establishing fitness routines, and maintaining a fit lifestyle. Also covers injury prevention.
  17. Healthy Habits for Kids
  18. Dehydration Discusses signs of when your body loses too much fluid through diarrhea, vomiting, sweating, or exercise. Covers dehydration in babies, small children, and older adults. Discusses prevention, when to see a doctor, emergencies, and rehydration steps.
  19. Asthma Action Plan for Your Child Learn how following an asthma action plan can help you control your child's asthma.
  20. Asthma: Helping a Young Child Take Medicine Learn ways to encourage your young child to take asthma medicine with a nebulizer.
  21. Asthma: Taking Charge of Your Asthma Covers control of asthma with asthma action plan. Includes working with doctor on a plan and medicines for symptoms and attacks. Includes use of controller medicine and peak flow meter. Reviews avoiding triggers and keeping asthma diary.
  22. Fitness: Teaching Your Child to Stay Active
  23. Asthma's Impact on Your Child's Life
  24. Long-Acting Bronchodilators for Your Child Learn why a long-acting bronchodilator might be added to your child's asthma medicine.
  25. Asthma: Is Your Child Using the Rescue Inhaler Too Often? Learn how to tell when your child is using a rescue inhaler too often.
  26. Teaching Your Child to Use an Inhaler Without a Spacer Learn how your child should use an inhaler without a spacer.
  27. Teaching Your Child to Use an Inhaler With a Spacer Learn how your child should use an inhaler with a spacer.
  28. How to Use a Nebulizer With a Mask Learn how to use a nebulizer, with a face mask, on your child.
  29. Asthma: Keeping Your Child Out of the Hospital Learn ways to prevent a return trip to the emergency room for your child with asthma.
  30. Helping Your Child Deal With Asthma Learn how to help your child deal with asthma and asthma treatments.
  31. Using a Metered-Dose Inhaler With a Mask Spacer Learn how to use a mask spacer to give a child an inhaled asthma medicine.
  32. Steroid Medicine for Asthma: Myths and Facts
  33. Asthma Action Plan: Green Zone
  34. Asthma Action Plan: Yellow Zone
  35. Asthma Action Plan: Red Zone
  36. Asthma: Educating Yourself and Your Child
  37. Child Who Is Overweight: Evaluating Nutrition and Activity Patterns
  38. Asthma: Overuse of Quick-Relief Medicines
  39. Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis: Balancing Rest and Activity

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