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WellSpan Radiography Program

WellSpan Radiography Program


Finals will be given at the end of each semester.

Fall 1st Semester (20 weeks)

  • Radiography Practicum I
  • Introduction to Radiography
  • Radiographic Anatomy
  • Radiographic Procedures I
  • Patient Care, Pharmacology, Human Diversity & Ethics
  • Radiologic Physics I (Radiation Production & Characteristics)

Spring 2nd Semester (21 weeks)

  • Radiography Practicum II
  • Radiographic Procedures II
  • Radiographic Anatomy
  • Radiologic Physics  (Radiation Production & Characteristics)
  • Basic Principles of Computed Tomography
  • Image Analysis I

Summer 3rd Semester (11 weeks)

  • Radiography Practicum III
  • Image Analysis II
  • Pathological Report and Presentation

Fall 4th Semester (20 weeks)

  • Radiography Practicum IV to include evening rotations
  • Advanced Radiographic Procedures I
  • Radiobiology and Radiation Protection I
  • Film-Screen Acquisition and Display I
  • Imaging Equipment I
  • Digital Image Acquistion I

Spring 5th Semester (21 weeks)

  • Radiography Practicum V to include evening rotations
  • Advanced Radiographic Procedures II
  • Radiobiology and Radiation Protection II
  • Film-Screen Acquisition and Display II
  • Imaging Equipment II
  • Digital Image Acquisition II
  • Registry Review 

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