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WellSpan Employee Assistance Program

WellSpan Employee Assistance Program

On Site Training Programs

On site training at your facility - call 1-866-227-6527 for details & scheduling information).

  • Coping with Change – “What about me?”
  • Resiliency – “Putting the bounce back in your step”
  • Conflict Resolution – “Don’t delay, start today”
  • Difficult People – “Difficult or just different?”
  • Positive Work Relationships – “Hitting a homerun”
  • Listening Skills – “Can you hear me now?”
  • Negativity – “Stop polluting my water”
  • Personality Profile – “What animal are you?”
  • When Tragedy Strikes – “What do I say and do?”
  • Customer Service – “Are you still smiling?”
  • Harassment – “Can I still tell her she looks nice?”
  • Bullying – “It’s not all sticks and stones”
  • Substance Abuse (DOT, NonDOT) – “Ignorance is not bliss”
  • Finding Refreshment – “Breathe, Stretch, Visualize”
  • Holidays – “Celebration or Chaos?”
  • Stress 101 – “Is the Doctor in?”
  • Work, Life Balance – “Walking the tight rope”
  • Time Management is Self Management – “The choice is yours”
  • Workplace Violence – “It’s all about prevention”
  • Grief – “It’s more than just loss”
  • Caring for the Caregiver – “When roles change”
  • Diversity – “It’s not about you”
  • Depression – “You feel alone, but you’re not”

Team Building – “Cooperation, not competition” Supervisory/Management Development Training

  • Poof, You Are a Manager - “Can I still eat lunch with my friends?”
  • Leadership Styles – “Am I George Patton or Mr. Rogers?”
  • Effective Communication -“Can I fire someone through email?”
  • Delegation – “Will they think I am lazy?”
  • Motivation – “Pretty please”
  • Organizing Your Time & Your Life - “Is your blackberry your crack berry?”
  • Performance Appraisal Techniques - “Won’t I hurt her feelings?”
  • Disciplining - “Does a time out work for adults?”
  • Interviewing Techniques - “Can I ask if they prefer dogs or cats?
  • Orienting New Employees - “Nobody helped me , they’ll figure it out”
  • Assertiveness - “I’m the boss so do what I say.”
  • Giving and Receiving Feedback - “Are you gaining weight?”

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